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Featured Verizon 5g Connection Specials, Verizon 5G Internet Packages & Verizon 5G Deals!
Get 5G Home, the first 5G powered home internet, and get rid of everything you hate about cable with Verizon 5G TV. Verizon 5G is America's newest, fastest, most reliable and most consistent Internet. No one likes to wait, yet Americans have only an average internet download speed of 10.5 Mbps. That's fine for email and online shopping, but for anything else, it's pretty disappointing. With Verizon Wireless 5G, customers enjoy matching download and upload speeds averaging around 5/5 Gbps. Giving them the power to download movies, stream movies, play games, upload their favorite pictures, stream TV channels, upload videos and stay connect over video all happens in record breaking time with Verizon 5G.

Verizon Wireless 5G offers up to 5 Gbps download speed and up to 5 Gbps upload speed. Revolutionary speeds 800x faster than the speed most people have, so you can do everything you want simultaneously, even stream on 1,000 devices at once!
Verizon 5G Gateway - Inseego R1000 router, uses advanced technology for faster sharing and the best connection. Go farther. Surf faster.
Verizon Wireless 5G Gateway Router
  • 5G technology gives you multiple frequencies, allowing your family to perform both high and low bandwidth activities such as checking email and streaming movies simultaneously.
  • More bandwidth means less congestion making for a more seamless 5g Internet experience even when using multiple devices.
  • Boost your range with up to 325 ft. of Wi-Fi coverage. Perfect for larger homes and more devices.
  • Welcome your guests with a 5G WiFi network just for them.
  • Keep your kids safe and manage their screen time with Enhanced Parental Controls.
  • Manage your router from anywhere, using the My 5G mobile app.
  • Surf securely with rock solid WPA encryption.
Verizon Wireless signal strength and range varies depending on a number of factors like age and type of wireless devices used, internet service, router location, distance from the router, interference from physical obstructions, radio interference, and the layout of the home, among other things.
Internet connection speeds are between your location and Verizon 5G wireless towers serving your location. Actual download and upload speeds will vary based on numerous factors, such as your location, computer configuration, Internet and network congestion, and speed of website servers you access, among other factors. Speed and uninterrupted use of service not guaranteed.

Verizon 5G prices start very low and are based on the 5g internet speeds below:

Verizon Wireless 1Gbps Speed Internet with 1 Gigabits Upload and 1 Gigabits Download for Normal Everyday Stuff. Best for 10-30 devices at the same time. You live alone or maybe share your connection with one or two others. 5G Internet is great for the usual everyday stuff like daily surfing, email, online shopping and social networking. Plus you can stream up to 20 HD videos simultaneously. Verizon 5g Connection offers internet speeds up to 1 Gbps download and 1 Gbps upload available in select areas of NY, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, and Norfolk and Richmond, VA. Symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps available in other 5g areas.

Your family uses the Internet for work and play. Life happens fast and 2 Gbps Internet keeps up. With Verizon 5g 2/2 Gbps Internet you can share photos and files in a flash and enjoy online gaming. Plus, you can stream up to Stream 50 HD videos simultaneously.

Full House Internet. Best for 50-70 devices at the same time. Everyone in your household has a few devices-and a huge need for Internet connectivity. With Verizon 5G Internet, you can all jump on and off the Web as you please and with virtually no interruptions, 24/7. This speed works well for uploading and sharing videos on You Tube and serious multi-user gaming. Plus, you can stream up to 70 HD videos simultaneously.

Live and Work in High Tech. Best for more than 100 devices at the same time. For your household, the Internet is where everything happens. 5g 4Gbps speed and ultra wideband bandwidth mean everything when you depend on the Web for work, entertainment, and constant communications. This speed enables you to enjoy power gaming, uploading large files to the cloud, and video conference with the whole family. Plus, you can stream more than 100 HD videos simultaneously.

Best for more multi-device households needing massive power and speed at the same time. Your large household is a bunch of bandwidth junkies—consuming massive amounts of speed and power. With 5Gbps Internet speed, keep everyone satisfied and then some. This speed is great for running important backups, uploading large files to cloud, playing multi-player games, and powering multiple heavy-usage activities at home including medical devices and appliances. Your household demands the fastest, the most reliable and the very best in Internet service. This ultra-fast internet speed lets you push your connection to the greatest limits. From film editing, HD video conferencing and personal server maintenance to multi-player games, healthcare monitoring and backing up important files, 5Gbps/5Gbps is the ultimate speed for reaching your professional and personal potential. Fastest Wi-Fi based on internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available.

Verizon 5G TV
Verizon 5G TV is 5g ultra wideband television without the wires and many more television options than directv, dish network, roku or your local cable provider, combined. Get standard high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) channels, cloud dvr with loads of space to record up to 20 shows simultaneously. Choose self installation or a rapid professional install. Carry your Verizon 5G TV device with you to receive all your channels on the go. Verizon 5G TV is perfect for areas where satellite tv or cable programming is not able to be received. With Verizon 5G TV you receive a wireless signal everywhere. Verizon FiOS 5G


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Verizon 5G TV
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