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You've strived to build your business and make your idea a reality; now it's time to get your company's brand, products and services before the eyes of your potential customers while simultaneously building your brand's recognition. We can help you achieve this by displaying the right kind of advertisements, at the right time, to generate the right buzz.

We know you're dedicated to providing quality of service to your customers and we, at Information Network Website, will help you achieve this by building an advertisement campaign, with you, which will clearly display your dedication to providing quality of service to your customers. We will present your advertisements in only a way which you ultimately decide upon and will not commence your advertisement campaign until all of your requirements are met.

With Information Network Website advertising, we will run your advertisement/s on any website you choose:
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We can either run your ads in-house and/or through several advertising agencies. Some advertising agencies we work with include:

There are several advertisement formats we can use to present your brand, to your targeted audience demographic, to generate the right kind of buzz. You can choose from some of our existing ad formats like, standard banners, custom banners, text ads, peel ads, flash ads, interactive ads and roll over ads. We can also work with you to design a customizable advertisement format/style that is uniquely your own.

All of our banners adhere to IAB standards. Sizes include:


We can run your advertisement campaign as Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Call, Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Cost Per Sale (CPS) and Cost Per Lead (CPL). If you choose a unique delivery method, we WILL work with you to make it a success and a beneficial endeavour to both your business and ours.

We will fully expand your brand's awareness, drive sales and generate leads via the ads we serve on our own and our partner's websites.
Websites we currently work with covers, but is not limited to, verticals in real estate, telecom, employment, shopping and technology.
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